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Lifestyle medicine is not only my profession, it’s a way of life for me. In my mid 20’s I discovered lifestyle medicine although, at the time, I didn’t know it. I was simply curious about my health and the world in general. I had more questions than answers and I knew I couldn’t get the answers I wanted following the same path that I was on. The health paradigm at the time was no longer making sense to me but I also didn’t know where the answers were. So, I started experimenting with my health and lifestyle.

I became a vegetarian, started practicing yoga/ meditation, saw a Chinese herbalist doctor and started learning about how my environment affected my health. I moved to a different country from Canada to the US and embarked on studying to become a naturopathic doctor.

 I didn’t come to this current place in my life and health after a week or month or year of making changes. My health is a culmination of 20+ years of choosing the unconventional path every single day. It’s not the easiest or the most popular path but it has served me well mentally, emotionally and physically. I made a conscious choice 2 decades ago to transform my life from the inside out. I can’t wait to see what kind of transformation we can achieve together.

Maybe you have been told that there are no solutions for your health issues and you have to live with it. 

My core belief around health is that it is more than an absence of disease and healthcare should prevent disease instead of merely focusing on detection. I have a doctorate in naturopathic medicine, a master’s in Chinese Medicine and Environmental Studies and a bachelor’s in Biology. I am a science geek who also acknowledges and respects other forms of healing that have served humanity for millennia.

You know deep down inside that there has to be a solution or explanation for how you are experiencing your health but you don’t know where to turn.

I believe when our body, mind, spirit and social relationships are flourishing, we are healthier and happier. Natural health is not a trend for me, it is my life’s work and a combination of choices I make each and every day to take care of my body and myself because I deserve it. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise with you so that you too can transform your health.

You are afraid your health is never going to change.

At age 28, while studying to be a naturopathic doctor, I was diagnosed with a benign pituitary tumor. I was offered pharmaceutical medication but decided to treat it using supplements, diet and lifestyle modifications. I always knew I could take the pharmaceutical drugs later on. At my 10 year MRI check up, there were no signs of a tumor and I was considered cured.

You have tried so many treatments but nothing seems to be working.

After a decade of practicing lifestyle medicine, I switched my focus to gene-based medicine because I found that while a lot of my patients got better from my health recommendations, some were not getting the results they wanted even though they were following the recommendations I prescribed to them. This was very frustrating for me and them. In the back of my head, I knew my practice was missing something to help these people. I found the answer in gene-based medicine. By analyzing each person’s genetic blueprint, it becomes easier to identify the root cause of disease and make recommendations that are effective. No more second-guessing what dietsupplement or health regimen you should be on. Treatment plans are now laser-focused and evidence-driven.

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