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Discover the benefits of our personalized wellness programs designed to promote holistic health and well-being. Dr. Ibby Omole, a dedicated naturopathic doctor, offers tailored solutions to help you achieve optimal health. Start your wellness journey with us today!

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Comprehensive Wellness Programs

A genes icon designed for My Genes and I wellness program.
My Genes and I
No two people are alike and one pill doesn’t fit all.  Your health needs and requirements are as unique to you as your fingerprint. This program uses your genetic data from 23andMe or Ancestry to do a complete wellness analysis that includes over 1000 specific lifestyle genes.
A gut health icon designed for the Gut Rebuilding Program.
Gut Rebuilding Program
This program gets to the root cause of unresolved IBS. The majority of individuals diagnosed with IBS actually have a condition known as SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth).

A Fertility icon designed for My Healthy Fertility Program.
My Healthy Fertility Program
This unique program focuses on setting the foundation for a healthy pregnancy. It is ideal for the woman/couple who are not quite ready for advanced assisted reproductive therapy.

A Pelvic Health Icon.
Pelvic Health Program
The Pelvic Health Program, requiring a minimum 3-month commitment, features a 60-minute consultation, personalized guidance on bladder retraining, dietary advice, flare management, and bi-weekly check-ins for adjustments. Antimicrobial testing, if needed, is determined during the initial consultation or check-ins.

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