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How much do your services cost?

I understand the importance of transparency in healthcare costs. To discuss the specific details and tailor a plan to your unique needs, I invite you to schedule a Free 15-Minute Discovery Call. This allows us to address your questions, understand your requirements, and provide personalized information about the costs associated with our services. Book your consultation now to start the conversation on your path to optimal well-being. Click the "Book Now" button to get started.

What is the frequency of our appointments?

The frequency of appointments varies based on individual health needs. Each person's wellness journey is unique. Some choose a shorter-term approach, attending sessions for a few months, while others form lifelong partnerships. Dr. Ibby Omole will tailor the frequency to your specific health goals, ensuring the best support for your well-being. During our Free 15-Minute Discovery Call, we can discuss a personalized plan that aligns with your needs and preferences.

Are your services covered by extended benefits?

In many cases, naturopathic services are covered by extended health benefit plans in both Ontario and BC. However, coverage can vary. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to understand the specifics of your plan, including eligible services and reimbursement details. During our Free 15-Minute Discovery Call, we can discuss how to navigate your benefits and tailor a plan that aligns with your coverage if required.

Do you offer virtual consultations?

Absolutely! Dr. Ibby Omole offers virtual consultations for your convenience. While in-person visits are exclusively available at our Beamsville, Ontario location, virtual appointments provide personalized naturopathic care for residents of Ontario and BC. Schedule your Free 15-Minute Discovery Call to discuss how Dr. Ibby Omole can support your well-being, whether virtually or in person at our Beamsville location.

What types of health concerns do you address?

Dr. Ibby Omole addresses a wide range of health concerns, from chronic conditions to overall well-being. Explore our specialized programs designed for specific health needs: During our Free 15-Minute Discovery Call, we can discuss your unique situation and tailor a plan that best supports your health goals.

How do I prepare for my first appointment?

During our Free 15-Minute Discovery Call, we can guide you on what to prepare based on your specific concerns and goals.

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