Revitalize Your Pelvic Health

Pelvic Health Program

Welcome to our Pelvic Health Program, a comprehensive and personalized journey toward lasting wellness. This program, spanning a minimum of 3 months, is designed to address and improve pelvic health concerns. Through a detailed 60-minute consultation, you'll gain insights into your specific issues. The program unfolds with a wealth of knowledge, covering bladder retraining, dietary recommendations, flare management, and common triggers. Our commitment to your well-being extends to bi-weekly 30-minute check-ins, ensuring your treatment plan evolves with your progress. Discover a transformative approach to pelvic health tailored just for you.

How it works
There is a minimum of 3 months to see improvements.
We start off with a 60 min consultation to clarify the issues.
What you will learn
  • Resources for bladder retraining
  • Dietary recommendations
  • How to calm the flare
  • Common food triggers
  • Supplement recommendations
Follow Ups
There will be bi-weekly 30 min check-ins to monitor and modify your treatment based on your progress and symptoms.
Occasionally there may be a need for antimicrobial testing which will be determined at the initial consultation or at check-in.
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Revitalize Your Pelvic Health

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